5 Things to Know Before Hiking Diamond Head

5 Things to Know Before Hiking Diamond Head

  • Tracy Allen
  • 10/16/20

Known for its rugged terrain and panoramic views, hiking Diamond Head has become a testament to endurance and a popular recreational pastime for locals and tourists alike. Conquering the extinct volcano makes for a great addition to any fitness routine and rewards hikers with fantastic views. Here is some advice you should heed before beginning your trek. 

Gather Supplies

It can get extremely hot during the hike, so make sure you start your expedition as early as possible if you want to avoid the worst of the heat. Like any outdoor recreational activity—especially one that requires exertion—make sure you come prepared. 

Wear proper hiking shoes, bring water, and stock up sunscreen. You don’t want to make it halfway up before realizing you forgot something important!

Bring Some Cash

It isn’t expensive, but there is a small charge to enjoy venturing up Diamond Head. Pedestrians need to pay $1 to make the hike, and if you want to take a car, it will cost you $5. Also, be aware of the times—the trail opens at 6 a.m. and closes at 6 p.m., and it takes about an hour to get to the start of the summit.

Know What You're Getting Into

This is especially pertinent if you’re unfamiliar with the area or new to Oahu in general. While it is not an unreasonably strenuous hike, it might be too much for those older or younger in age. Be sure you look at maps and plan your excursion accordingly so you know what to expect. 

It’s okay to stop and take a rest every so often if you need it. There are two different ways up the mountain after you go up the first set of stairs and emerge from a brief tunnel. One direction is more strenuous, while the other has another set of stairs you can take. Both land you in the same spot, so don’t worry about missing too much.

Lace Up the Appropriate Footwear

While the hike to Diamond Head and the legendary crater is not the most arduous one, it can be complicated as you get further along the trail. It is not paved, meaning there are many loose stones and dirt areas. That’s why it is so important to wear your best hiking shoes to ensure you’re able to handle yourself on the rough terrain. 

Enjoy The Views and Lookout Points

As we’ve mentioned, there is a lot to see while you work your way to the top of Diamond Head. It is best to go when you’re not in a rush so you can pause every so often and drink in the surrounding views. 

Take photos, appreciate the historical elements like the lighthouse and the old Fire Control Station built in the early 1900s, and appreciate your natural surroundings.

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