DIY Home Improvements You Can Do in a Weekend

DIY Home Improvements You Can Do in a Weekend

  • Tracy Allen
  • 11/15/20

Check out a few DIY home improvement projects you can begin this weekend

Raised Garden Bed

Have you ever wanted to grow your own vegetable garden but didn’t because weeding would be a nightmare or you don’t have the right soil in your backyard? A raised garden bed is an aesthetically-pleasing solution to these common problems. This backyard tutorial allows for better water drainage and control over the growing soil, making it easier to cultivate a wide variety of plants. When completed, it won’t be long until your salads are made with your own backyard vegetables.  

Fabric-Covered Stepping Stones

Instead of having just another unremarkable, gray stone path, turn your stepping stones into a unique source of color and texture. Once the outdoor fabric is sealed with resin, these colorful arrangements can withstand all types of weather and foot traffic. They can add vibrancy to a modest yard or complement the colors of an overflowing garden. Choose from a wide array of outdoor fabric and turn your stone path into a feature you and your visitors will enjoy and remember.

Ceiling Light Shade Pendant Tutorial

Let’s face it—most ceiling light fixtures that come with a house are bland and wholly uninspiring. Free yourself from these unsightly features by replacing them with a pendant of your choice. This DIY tutorial involves some simple electrical work, but the detailed instructions ensure you can complete the project smoothly. You’ll be rewarded by turning these hoo-hum lights into something that will improve the whole room.

Covered Pergola for Your Deck

Maximize the use and enjoyment of your backyard deck by constructing a covered pergola to shade you, your family, and your friends from the blazing sun or rain during the day. Follow this straightforward tutorial to build a 10x10 foot covering that is large enough to house a table and chairs underneath. It can elevate a bare deck into a feature highlight of any house and enhance your enjoyment of the outdoors from the comfort of your own home. 

Build a Fire Ring

This backyard feature is a classic for a reason. The warm atmosphere it invokes turns a dark backyard into a relaxing haven. This thorough guide requires no special skills or tools for a sturdy build with a finished look. Whether for hosting backyard cookouts or cozying up with a loved one to watch the stars come out, your homemade fire ring is guaranteed to bring you many memorable nights.

If you’re looking for more home improvement DIY projects or thinking about moving to Hawaii, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d love to show you luxury real estate in Honolulu and homes for sale all around the beautiful island of Oahu.


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